New Course From Our Partners: Stepping Up

By Steve McIntosh

The Institute for Cultural Evolution is pleased to share a new course being offered by Senior Fellow, Greg Thomas, along with his wife, Jewel Kinch-Thomas, and colleague, Amiel Handelsman, called Stepping Up: Wrestling with America’s Past, Reimagining Its Future, Healing Together.

Stepping Up is a six-month online course for people committed to healing the racial divide, inspired to take action, and ready to expand their perspective while expressing their true voice.

If you have been looking for a post-progressive approach to America’s recent “racial reckoning”, please join Greg, Jewel, and Amiel for this unique opportunity.

Together with a cohort of other committed learners, you will discover how to put in practice your noblest intentions with skill, grace, and clarity.

For more information—and a $300 discount until 9/21—go to

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