Platform of Policy Recommendations

Political Solutions

WIN WIN WINOur Approach to Political Issues

Our co-founder, Steve McIntosh, is developing a platform of proposed solutions to specific political issues. His approach to each issue involves finding “win-win-win” solutions that integrate the values of all three major American worldviews: modernism, progressivism, and traditionalism.

Our Strategy for Building Consensus

This win-win-win political strategy is derived from McIntosh’s values integration method, which is described in his book Developmental Politics. The values integration method affirms the positive values of all three worldviews and seeks to find solutions that honor and incorporate these values into a larger synthesis. This win-win-win approach is derived from the business practice of stakeholder integration, which has proven to be highly effective at building agreement and increasing the “size of the pie.” The values integration method is effectively post-progressive—it transcends progressivism because it does what progressivism cannot: It fully recognizes the legitimacy and evolutionary necessity of modernism, traditionalism and progressivism. This method accordingly approaches political issues with the best interests of all three worldviews in mind.

Unlike the standard approach of making tactical compromises to try to get most of what our preferred side wants, the values integration method seeks to include the values of each worldview into the mix from the beginning because it actually affirms all of these values and wants to see them advanced. Within conventional politics, people are often faced with win-lose propositions. But by focusing on bedrock values, it becomes possible to discover something closer to a win-win-win solution, even if such a solution does not completely satisfy all parties. Simply put, the developmental approach to politics seeks to accommodate the concerns of all sides, not just to get its way, but to make authentic progress by creating cultural evolution.

Our Theory of Change

The values integration method does not seek to change the values people hold dear—it doesn’t want to erase or subtract peoples’ values, it just wants to add to them. Instead of trying to convert or replace existing values, this new approach seeks to expand the scope of what people are able to value. Indeed, this summarizes our theory of change: culture and consciousness coevolve as people’s perception of what is valuable becomes wider and deeper.

Abortion Rights is our most recently published issue position.

Thank you for considering our evolving platform of political issue proposals.

Abortion Rights Wins Sought for Each Major Worldview

Progressivism’s Wins

A women’s civil right to an abortion during the first 15 weeks of pregnancy will be codified in federal law and comprehensively protected in all in all 50 states.

Modernity’s Wins

Competing rights will be recognized and balanced, federalism will be affirmed, a bipartisan compromise will be reached at the national level, and this divisive issue will finally be resolved by statute.

Traditionalism’s Wins

A viable fetus’s civil right to be born during the final 9 weeks of pregnancy will be provisionally protected by federal law in all 50 states for the first time. States’ rights will be preserved in the 2nd trimester.

Issues in Our
Evolving Platform


National Security and Terrorism

Racial Equality

Income Inequality

Campaign Finance Reform

Gun Control

The War on Drugs

Religious Freedom

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