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The Developmental Politics Project has teamed up with Heterodox Academy Fellow, David Rozado to create DepolarizingGPT, a political AI chatbot that gives three answers to every prompt: one from a left-wing perspective, one from a right-wing perspective, and a third answer from a depolarizing or “integrating” perspective.

Quick Test: Are You Post-Progressive?

Are You A Developmentalist?
Take the Test

Take a 2-minute test of your political developmentalism, and see your “transcendence and inclusion score.”

This simple test asks you to select your level of agreement or disagreement with twelve political statements. The test results will indicate your inclusivity score, your transcendence score, and the overall extent of your developmental perspective.


Worldview Questionnaire

What is your worldview? Take this 7-minute test and find out which “values frame” describes you best.

By answering these 17 questions you may learn more about your own worldview, as well as about the worldviews of others.

Character Development Exercise

Become a better person through this brief exercise in character development—create your personal portrait of the good.

Answer 10 questions to create a personalized chart of what matters most to you. This chart—your Portrait of the Good—will be sent to your email address as a pdf file.

Cultural Intelligence Practice

Cultural Intelligence Practice

This “cultural intelligence practice” is designed to evolve your consciousness by expanding the scope of what you are able to value.

Click on the circle that is closest to your own political position, and then consider the listed values.

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