Our evolving policy platform offers “win-win-win” solutions that integrate the values of all three major American worldviews: progressive, modern, and traditional. This integrative approach, derived from stakeholder capitalism, builds agreement and increases the “size of the pie.”

Our latest recommendation is for Homelessness in the U.S. “The persistence of large numbers of homeless Americans is one of the signal policy failures of the past two generations.” We are failing to care for our neediest people, and their continuing deprivation and despair stands as a testament to our national hypocrisy. Ending the epidemic of homelessness is therefore not only necessary to alleviate the suffering of the unhoused, it is also crucial to preserve America’s dwindling social solidarity and basic sense of collective civic virtue.

The Institute for Cultural Evolution think tank’s mission is to advance the evolution of consciousness and culture in America. Our work focuses on overcoming the hyper-partisan polarization that threatens American democracy.

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Can We Make Governing
Great Again?

Carter Phipp’s newest article suggests that our crisis of expertise is really a crisis of governance.

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