ICE Op-Ed Published by The Daily Beast

By Steve McIntosh

Those familiar with the work of the Institute for Cultural Evolution know that we are working to help evolve both the left and the right side of politics. In furtherance of these efforts, today the mainstream media outlet The Daily Beast published my op-ed on ‘a more evolved right.’ Even though I remain on the left, as an integralist, I want to help both sides to evolve. And as I say in the op-ed: “There will always be some version of the right in American politics, so even liberals have a stake in the right’s positive evolution.”

My original title was: “Making the Most of this Historical Moment by Envisioning a New Center-Right Coalition.” But the Daily Beast editors changed the title to: “After Trump Loses, We Can Build a Sane Republican Party.”

This short op-ed was designed to magnify the impact of ICE’s recent conclave on the future of the right. But now I’m now writing a longer article on the substance of what emerged during our discussions. This longer piece will hopefully be finished by next week.

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