Daily Evolver Podcast: A History of Integral Philosophy, with Steve McIntosh

By Steve McIntosh

In this episode of The Daily Evolver video podcast, Steve McIntosh and Jeff Salzman take us on a tour through the origins of integral philosophy, starting with G.W.F. Hegel, who first explained the mechanisms of evolution in human history, and on through a stream of philosophers who unified the evolution of matter, consciousness and spirit. We also consider the line of developmental psychologists, such as Jean Piaget and Clare Graves, who defined the distinct stages of human growth including the emerging integral stage.

A History of Integral Philosophy

Bringing us to the present, Steve appreciates and critiques leading contemporary integral philosopher Ken Wilber. He then concludes by sharing what he considers to be his own contributions, as well as ideas from other new thinkers who are contributing to the canon of integral philosophy—the perspective that animates the work of ICE.

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