Videos of ICE Public Presentations

ICE Fellow Presents on National Roundtable to Reinvent Bipartisanship

How Can We Heal The Heart Of Democracy?
Recap 10:38

Videos of two public presentations by ICE partners Steve McIntosh and Carter Phipps.

The first video below, together with its 3 short excerpt clips, was recorded on June 1, 2014. This presentation focuses on ICE’s political polarization campaign. Steve and Carter elaborate on their acclaimed white paper Depolarizing the American Mind.

Depolarizing the American Mind
Watch Full Presentation 1:07:06

Future Evolution of Left and Right clip
Clip 1 – Future Evolution of Left and Right: 3:06

Evolving Beyond Centrism clip
Clip 2 – Evolving Beyond Centrism: 0:55

Method for Raising Consciousness clip
Clip 3 – Method for Raising Consciousness: 0:37

In the second video presentation below, from April 1, 2013, Steve and Carter describe ICE’s evolutionary approach to political activism, as well as their climate change campaign plan. This talk consists of a powerpoint presentation followed by audience questions and discussion.

Watch Full Presentaion: 1:44:41

Clip 1 – Our Basic Approach: 2:58

Clip 2 – Definition of Postmodernism: 3:31


Please note, both videos are high definition. If you have a reliable high speed connection, select the “hi-def” setting under the “gear icon” in the player’s menu.

Special thanks to Centre Communications for the videography, and to The Integral Center, Boulder, Colorado, for providing the venue.