Thinking Ahead with Carter Phipps, Senior Fellow of the Institute for Cultural Evolution

Carter Phipps, Senior FellowYour world is evolving—find out how with Carter Phipps, co-author of the Wall St. Journal bestseller Conscious Leadership, and cofounder of the Institute for Cultural Evolution. The weekly podcast explores the movements, trends, people, and ideas that are shaping our evolving world. As an unapologetic generalist, an optimist, and an integrative thinker, Carter enjoys the opportunity to interview a diverse range of thinkers. Through these in-depth interviews, and occasional rants and reflections, the show explores the many subtle (and not-so-subtle) ways that the world is changing and developing across a vast array of domains—from business and politics to science and technology to consciousness and spirituality. The podcast is also a critical forum for advancing and exploring the ideas and political approaches that ICE was founded to pursue.