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The Institute for Cultural Evolution is not associated with any political party, but you can still “join our party” by becoming a Sustaining Member through a donation of $15 or more. Donate using any of the methods below. Your annual membership will be confirmed by email and will remain confidential.

Sustaining Members receive an official membership certificate PDF with their name, as shown on the left. Also, as a perk for joining (in the U.S.), upon request, Sustaining Members receive a signed copy of Steve McIntosh’s 2012 book, Evolution’s Purpose—An Integral Interpretation of the Scientific Story of Our Origins. As a further membership benefit, the opinions and concerns of Sustaining Members will be given careful consideration by ICE’s Senior Fellows—the viewpoints of our donors matter very much to us. Feel free to email us with any questions:

Your tax deductible donation to our 501c3 nonprofit organization can be made by credit or debit card through “First Giving,” by PayPal, or you can donate by check, using the contribution option buttons, directly below.

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Please note: Sustaining Member donors do not become voting members of the ICE nonprofit, which is not structured as a formal membership organization.


About ICE’s Funding

The Institute for Cultural Evolution was launched in 2013 with funding from both our Directors and from our grass roots Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign. Then in 2016 we received a substantial grant from the Democracy Fund philanthropy. Over the past few years we have continued to receive financial support from our Directors, as well as from numerous unaffiliated small donors who believe in what we’re doing.

In connection with the publication of Steve McIntosh’s book Developmental Politics in early 2020, ICE is launching a public campaign to evolve American politics and overcome hyperpolarization. Once finalized and initiated, this campaign will seek additional support from institutional philanthropies. But regardless of the size of your contribution, every donation means a great deal to us.

Why Should You Donate?

Your contribution will go toward developing and promoting a fresh approach to politics in America—an inclusive new politics of culture. By financially supporting our campaign to overcome hyperpolarization, you can become “part of the solution.”