Emerging Issues

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The political dynamics surrounding many pressing social problems naturally lend themselves to an evolutionary analysis. We believe that ICE’s perspective can help illuminate dynamics at work in many of these areas. The thawing of frozen ideological and partisan positions is critical to achieve forward movement on a whole host of seemingly intractable issues—some stuck in stalemate, others lacking fresh perspectives, a few inflamed by the culture wars. Once we have secured adequate funding, we look forward to building future strategic campaigns around the following issues where entrenched attitudes may be ripe for transformation and change.

Potential Future Campaign Issues

  • Health care reform
  • Immigration policy
  • Women’s reproductive rights
  • Re-invigorating our free enterprise system
  • Identity politics and the value of meritocracy
  • Global poverty and hunger
  • Modernization in China, India, and Brazil
  • And many more…