Executive Director Position

UPDATE, January 7: The position of Executive Director has now been filled. Thank you for your interest.

The Institute for Cultural Evolution is seeking a high energy Executive Director to help build our organization. Here is the Job Description (updated December 15, 2020):

EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR (ED) of The Institute for Cultural Evolution (ICE) nonprofit think tank.

This full-time position has executive oversight for the overall administration of ICE. The position reports directly to the Board of Directors. In addition, in collaboration with the cofounding Director and President, Steve McIntosh, special attention will be given to the entrepreneurial realization of the “Post-Progressive Project” (PPP), which is a new, organization-wide initiative of ICE. Post-progressive politics are described at this link:

The Post-Progressive Project


May work remotely from anywhere in the U.S. Must be willing to travel as needed (and when safe to do so). Regular meetings in Boulder, Colorado (2-4 times per year).


1. Build and Manage the Organization

A. Design an operational plan to execute the objectives of ICE

Build an operational budget to hire the appropriate staff as needed, supplemented by outside contractors to drive financial efficiency. Potential staff would include administrative, financial, and marketing and promotion personnel. Work with President to plan promotional agenda commensurate with financial resources.

B. Administer all aspects of the organization

Hire and manage all personnel. Execute and manage all operational contracts. Plan all promotional and social events. Oversee all details of execution for planned events, both virtual and live. Convene quarterly Board meetings. Hold three virtual meetings and one in-person meeting per year. Communicate regularly with Board members, soliciting and disseminating their ideas and advice within the organization, keeping them “in the loop” with the organization’s results and accomplishments, problems and challenges, and evolving strategies and plans.

C. Create and Implement New Strategies and Tactics

Work with the President, Senior Fellows, and Board Members to create and refine, new programs, strategies, and tactics. Bring enthusiasm, optimism, creativity and initiative to the organization and demonstrate personal commitment to its success.

2. Raise Funds for the Organization

A. Establish a promotional plan to adequately fund the organization

Work with Board and President to build a comprehensive presentation to enable the organization to communicate the objectives of ICE to potential donors. Collaborate with Board and Fellows to identify potential new sources of funding. Establish capability to effectively apply for grants and other publicly available sources of funding.

B. Help Recruit New Board Members and Large Donors

Working with the President and the Board, cultivate new funder relationships and recruit new Board members who will financially support the organization.

C. Encourage Public Financial Support

Energetically and skillfully solicit small donor contributions from the general public. Recruit sustaining members and pursue other possible sources of public funding.

3. Curate, disseminate, and promote PPP’s messages and brand identity

A. Curate Content

Gather and encourage the generation of post-progressive messaging “content” from ICE’s President, Senior Fellows, and Board Members. Also solicit original and repurposed relevant content from third parties. “Content” includes the full spectrum of ideas, opinions, writing, video, audio, interviews, and live appearances.

B. Publish Content

Edit, illustrate, organize, post and publish content though ICE’s and PPP’s channels of message distribution. This publishing responsibility also includes developing PPP’s channels of distribution. “Channels” include the website, YouTube, social media, mainstream media, and word-of-mouth dissemination.

C. Promote Content

Advocate and promote content and generate viewership and notoriety (credibility) through publicity, marketing, advertising, and word-of-mouth dissemination of post-progressive content and messaging. Develop the website into an attractive “web destination” with fresh daily contributions and a variety of items of interest. Send out frequent emails to the list, and post regularly on social media. Build an audience and internet traffic. Increase the size of the email list and social media followers.

D. Build Alliances and Strategic Partnerships

Identify and communicate with other organizations whose mission overlaps with PPP. Explore and develop joint projects/programs and build alliances and strategic partnerships.


Relevant prior experience in either for-profit or non-profit organizations. Track record of accomplishment and success. Formal or informal educational attainment. Entrepreneurial, self-starting and hard working. Personal affinity for post-progressive politics (although previous familiarity is not required). Expertise with digital and social media management. Fund raising experience a plus. Comfortable with public speaking. Adept at presentations. Strong analytical and social intelligence. Excellent writing skills. Highly ethical. Humorous. Slightly bent. Reasonably humble.


Very competitive salary commensurate with experience. Bonuses and raises are tied to fundraising success. Relevant personal expenses are reimbursed, reasonable paid vacation time is provided, but health insurance and other benefits are not included.


Executive Director, Managing Director, Political Non Profit, Political Think Tank, Integral Philosophy, Post-progressive, Developmental Politics.


Please send a cover letter telling us why you would be a good fit for this job (1 page max), together with your resume or C.V. to: hr@culturalevolution.org