Developmental Politics

Developmental Politics

New Political Book by Steve McIntosh, President of the Institute for Cultural Evolution

Since its founding in 2013, the leaders of the Institute for Cultural Evolution have been thinking long and hard about the evolution of American politics. After extensive research, writing, and convening political events, in 2016 we began work on a book that would describe our unique political perspective. This new book, authored by ICE president Steve McIntosh, represents our current thinking and serves as a culmination of our work as a think tank over the past seven years. McIntosh’s book is titled: Developmental Politics—How America Can Grow Into a Better Version of Itself 

Overview of the Book

American politics are badly broken. Yet to solve the seemingly intractable problem of hyperpolarization, we need to look beyond the gridlocked politics of Washington D.C. In Developmental Politics, Steve McIntosh shows how this growing rift in the fabric of American society is a cultural problem that requires a cultural solution. He offers a pragmatic yet inspiring approach to our national political dilemma through a new politics of culture—one that goes right to the heart of this entrenched, complex issue. McIntosh presents a variety of innovative methods through which citizens and political leaders from across the political spectrum can reach agreement and achieve consensus.

McIntosh’s proposals for overcoming hyperpolarization are founded on an emerging form of “cultural intelligence” that directly addresses the conflicting values underlying our poisoned politics. This new way of seeing leads to an inclusive vision of social progress—a new American Dream—that can help revive our collective sense of common cause and thereby restore the functionality of our democracy. Developmental Politics provides the fresh thinking we need to transcend America’s contemporary political impasse.

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Some of ICE’s Earlier Work—Articles and Conclaves

Developmental Politics is more than a book, it is the name of an emerging movement in American politics. This movement is working with a new perspective that is positioned “outside and above” America’s fractious left-right divide. This developmental or “integral” political perspective has been worked out over the last 7 years by ICE’s principals, and by others working in the integral philosophy movement. Each of the Article Covers and other images shown below link to a substantial piece of content created by the ICE think tank between 2013 and 2017. This content traces the evolution of our thinking, which is now culminating in the publication of our book: Developmental Politics

Growing Out of America’s Divided Culture

Growing Out of America’s Divided Culture, 2017

Appreciating the Upside of Nationalism, 2017

Why Centrism Fails and How We Can Better Achieve Political Cooperation

Why Centrism Fails, 2016

Overcoming Polarization by Evolving Both Right and Left

Overcoming Polarization by Evolving Both Right and Left, 2016

Future of the Right Invitational Conclaves

Future of the Right Invitational Conclaves, 2016 and 2015

Future of the Left Caucus and Media

Future of the Left Caucus and Media, 2016 and 2014

Fostering Evolution in Islamic Culture

Fostering Evolution in Islamic Culture, 2015

Depolarizing the American Mind

Depolarizing the American Mind, 2014

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Campaign Plan for Climate Change Amelioration, 2013

Download PDF

Premises and Principles of the Evolutionary Worldview, 2012

McIntosh and Phipps Discuss the Founding of ICE

Video: McIntosh and Phipps Discuss the Founding of ICE, 2013

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