The Institute for Cultural Evolution has a new Board Member and Fellow

By Steve McIntosh
We are excited to announce that the Institute for Cultural Evolution has brought on a new member of the Board of Directors and a new Fellow.

John Mistler (Left) is the newest member of our Board, and we are thrilled to have his leadership and support as we launch the Post-Progressive Project. John is also on the Board of Directors of the Mistler Family Foundation, an organization that envisions a healthy world in which all people thrive, develop their unique potential, and foster the well-being of themselves and others. His philanthropic efforts include the Life on Purpose Scholarship, a program he co-developed and actively teaches, that unleashes the self-reflective and developmental capacities of top-performing college undergraduates who aspire to tackle the world’s most challenging 21st century problems.

Gary Sheng (Right) is our newest Fellow, and plans to use his considerable expertise in social media to help the Institute bring post-progressivism to a younger, more diverse audience. Gary is the Chief Operating Officer of Civics Unplugged, a NYC-based social enterprise he co-founded whose mission is to empower leaders of Gen Z to build a brighter future for humanity. He was recently honored by Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work helping build Civics Unplugged.

Welcome to the team, John and Gary!

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