New Post-Progressive Inquiries on the Daily Evolver Podcast

By Steve McIntosh

Since our last post, Steve McIntosh and Jeff Salzman have participated in three Post-Progressive Inquiries on the Daily Evolver Podcast. Post-Progressive Inquiries are conversations exploring how post-progressivism’s emerging cultural and political perspective can honor and synthesize the best aspects of America’s three major worldviews: modernism, traditionalism, and progressivism. It is our hope that these conversations, and the new approach that they advance, can help to reconcile America’s stark political divide and bring peace to the culture war.

Jan 15, 2021 – Rand Stagen Leading Leaders to Higher Ground
In this episode, Steve and Jeff have a conversation with Rand Stagen, who is well known in the integral and corporate leadership world as the founder of the Stagen leadership academy. Stagen is the gold standard for leadership training, focused on long-term, disciplined, “leadership practice”, which integrates psychological and even spiritual dimensions into their work. Rand is known to be one of most effective practitioners of applied integral thinking out there.

Leading Leaders to Higher Ground

Jan 29, 2021 – Gen Z at Second Tier
In this episode, Steve and Jeff visit with two young leaders, Gary Sheng and Zoë Jenkins, who are activating higher consciousness in Generation Z through their organization Civics Unplugged. Civics Unplugged is a community of Gen Z leaders committed to strengthening democracy through civic entrepreneurship in the U.S. and around the world. The organization has received significant attention with partners like Andrew Yang, the Smithsonian, Duane “The Rock” Johnson, and National Geographic.

Gen Z at Second Tier

Feb 19, 2021 – The Next Economy With Pia Malaney
In this episode of Post-Progressive Inquiries, Steve and Jeff have a conversation with economist Pia Malaney, of the Institute for New Economic Thinking, to ponder economics through the lens of evolutionary theory. They look at what is arising concerning globalism and nationalism, wealth distribution, the future of work, model economies, the culture war between MAGAstan vs WOKEstan, and why Joe Biden gets us from the fire into the frying pan.

The Next Economy with Pia Malaney



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