Michael Zimmerman’s Breakthrough Journal Article

By Steve McIntosh

ICE’s own Senior Fellow Michael Zimmerman recently published an article in The Breakthrough Journal, entitled: Love and Vinyl Chloride—A Deep Ecologist Reconciles With His Father and the Modern World. The Breakthrough Journal is the signature publication of the California-based environmental think tank, The Breakthrough Institute. We admire the work of Breakthrough and are pleased to see Michael’s article published by them. The Breakthrough Journal introduces the article as follows:

“In forays into environmental philosophy, many of us forget–or neglect–the powerful personal forces that push us towards a certain way of thinking about the world. Michael Zimmerman does not make this mistake. In an eye-opening essay, Zimmerman looks back at his role as a founding member of “Deep Ecology” and his relationship with his father, both of which changed over the course of several decades as he came to terms with the process and progress illustrated by the manufacturing of vinyl chloride.”

We invite you to read Michael’s article at this link.

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