ICE Senior Fellow Rich Tafel Speaks at Republican National Convention

By Steve McIntosh


Rich Tafel, founder of the Log Cabin Republicans and Senior Fellow at the Institute for Cultural Evolution, took the stage today in a Politico forum panel at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The Politico panel, titled Ruin or Renewal? The Future of the Republican Party, focused on some of the key issues ICE is working on. In the course of the discussion, Tafel emphasized that a new center-right coalition is emerging which will appeal to millennials while continuing to stand for free-market principles.

Tafel was joined on the panel by Jeff Roe, former campaign manager and senior strategist for Ted Cruz, and Katie Packer, partner at Burning Glass Consulting. The panel was moderated by Susan Glasser and Glenn Thrush of Politico.

Here’s a quote from Rich Tafel: “Republicans watching the collapse of the GOP should take heart because this disaster called Trump can actually give rise to the phoenix of a new party of innovation—a party that embraces evolved spiritual values and the power of socially conscious capitalism.”

If the panel becomes available as a podcast we will add that link here.

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  • Robert Anderson

    We have heard the mantra of returning to ‘free-market principles before. Both the neo-conservatives & more recently neo-liberals preach a version of this & it ends up with the government using taxpayers money to bail out the excesses of the ‘free-market’. The new emerging ‘Information-Technology’ culture is evolving beyond the constraints of the for profit market economy, laying the foundation for a fundamentally new economic paradigm. Are you ready for ‘Evolutionary Integral Economics’?

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