ICE Receives National Press Coverage for Future Right Conclave

By Steve McIntosh

In our campaign to ameliorate political polarization, we have found our best leverage on this issue by working to evolve the Right and the Left independently on their own terms. This has led to our current efforts to advance a vision of both the “Future of the Right” and the “Future of the Left.” And our efforts are now beginning to get national attention. ICE’s recently completed Conclave on the Future of the Right just received press coverage in the Washington-based centrist publication, The National Journal. Check out the article (which has now been picked up by the Atlantic Magazine) entitled, Beyond the Culture Wars an Unconventional Summit on the Future of the Right.

The event was held at the Austin, Texas ranch of ICE Senior Fellow and Director John Mackey, Co-CEO of Whole Foods Markets. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and was especially impressed by the beauty of the Texas Hill Country, with its majestic Live Oak trees and abundant natural springs. I made a variety of new friends and connections and was heartened to see how sincerely folks on the Right want to help our country and improve their own party. The success of ICE’s Future Right Conclave has now set the stage for a similar gathering on the Future of the Left, which we are planning for the first quarter of 2016. Stay tuned …

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  • Cynthia Johnson

    I am hopeful reading about this meeting and the progress you are making and want to cheer you on! I am glad you are getting some press. I hope it will help to get your cause and your website more exposure. Is there a way to get this message out there more in the mainstream?

  • Joe Perez

    Rebecca Nelson’s article is just the beginning. What an interesting summit. After reading the article, I hope to learn more about it. And good luck with the manifesto!

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