ICE Director John Mackey Talks Post-Progressivism with AEI President

By Steve McIntosh

On Tuesday, November 24, Robert Doar, head of the American Enterprise Institute think tank, welcomed Whole Foods CEO and ICE Director John Mackey for a conversation on our new book: Conscious Leadership: Elevating Humanity Through Business (Penguin 2020), coauthored by Mackey, McIntosh, and Phipps.

As described in AEI’s summary of the talk: “Mr. Doar and Mr. Mackey analyzed three prevailing mindsets — traditionalist, modernist, and progressive — and how they manifest in society and business.”

Beginning in the YouTube video at 22:15 minutes, John does an excellent job summarizing post-progressive cultural intelligence. And Robert Doar expresses interest in learning more about the subject, which we hope he will.

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