We Must Defeat Trump on November 8th

By Steve McIntosh

The Institute for Cultural Evolution does not officially endorse candidates for public office. But as the president of this organization I feel obligated to express my personal opinion regarding the crucial need for every American to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Donald Trump is not only a threat to the government and people of the United States, he is also a threat to democracy itself. If Trump becomes president the world’s oldest democracy will be humiliated for having failed to elect a responsible leader. Moreover, in the event of a Trump victory, activists in China, Russia, and the Islamic world who aspire to bring about authentically democratic forms of government in their own countries will be discouraged and disempowered.

Whatever the merits or demerits of Clinton, she is the only one who can defeat Trump. She thus deserves our support at the polls. Even if you live in a state where the outcome is relatively certain, and even if Trump’s electoral victory seems unlikely, the larger the margin by which Trump is defeated, the more future versions of “Trumpism” will be deterred.

Thank you for appreciating the serious threat we face, and for voting to defeat Trump in the coming election.


Steve McIntosh

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  • Cindy Meixel

    anxiously waiting your “what now?” post!

  • audrey schoenfeld

    now what?!?

    • Steve McIntosh

      Hi Audrey,
      I’m working on our “what now?” position and should have something in the next couple of days.
      Please stay tuned …

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