Communications Director

Institute for Cultural Evolution Think Tank Communications Director

[This position has been filled as of July 6, 2022]


Public Announcement:

 The Institute for Cultural Evolution is a nonprofit think tank working to overcome the hyper-partisan polarization that threatens American democracy. Our mission is to advance the evolution of consciousness and culture in America. The Institute’s unique value proposition is founded on a culturally synthetic approach to politics that includes the best and rejects the worst of all sides. Our developmental political perspective offers a way forward beyond the culture war.

The Institute is now hiring for a newly created executive position in our growing organization: Communications Director. The primary focus of this remote position is to “spread the word” in mainstream media, in social media, and online in general. While the position requires good writing skills, the majority of our organization’s core communications will be written by the think tank’s principals.

Job candidates should have a marketing and promotion orientation, with a solid track record of getting results through charming persistence and multi-platform media coordination. Our ideal candidate will have experience promoting, publicizing and marketing complex ideas to mainstream audiences. And they will know how to position and frame intellectual content to attract the attention of a diverse range of media gatekeepers.

Further, candidates must be familiar with integral/developmental thinking, as articulated in our online publication, The Developmentalist, and on our headquarters website:

We are therefore seeking a rare candidate who will be both a competent marketer of ideas and someone with an active interest in our think tank’s political philosophy. Beyond the specific material on our two websites listed above, as well as in the books of our principals, adjacent expressions of our think tank’s developmental thinking can be found in the related fields of integral theory, spiral dynamics, meta-modernism, and in similar evolutionary perspectives.

While we are offering a highly competitive salary and benefit package, working for the Institute for Cultural Evolution provides rewards beyond financial compensation. Below are a few of the less tangible benefits of working for the Institute:

  • The opportunity to work alongside brilliant thought leaders in the world of developmental/integral philosophy, including Steve McIntosh, Jeff Salzman, Carter Phipps, Rand Stagen, Greg Thomas, and David Storey, among others.
  • The opportunity to have an impact on the most pressing challenge of our era: Hyper-partisan political polarization. No matter which political issue concerns you most, be it climate change, social justice, or inflation and deficit spending—progress on that issue is being stymied by America’s gridlocked political condition. Unless we overcome our entrenched divisions, the pressing issues we face as a country cannot be effectively addressed.
  • The opportunity to work from the comfort of your own home in a collaborative work environment with a flexible schedule.


Make the work of the Institute and its developmental perspective more visible and influential:

  1. Champion the cause of developmental politics online through content promotion and social media/internet marketing and communication:
    • Develop and execute a comprehensive online communications and marketing strategy, including metrics and timeline, that engages current and potential audiences through all relevant channels: web, email, social media, and advertising.
    • Develop a content calendar that plans and coordinates all content, marketing, and communication to ensure a regular and well-coordinated feed of content and communication to our current and potential audiences. Build a platform for the content calendar that allows other staff and fellows to remotely view and contribute to it.
    • Build audiences and relationships on Twitter as a key communication channel of the Institute.
    • Maintain both organizational websites, populate them with new content, optimize them through SEO, and grow viewership.
    • Build and engage audiences on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and Tik Tok.
    • Grow and curate our 35K email subscribers through regular email newsletters, and over time, segment our audience into different channels with their own unique engagement strategies.
    • Develop metrics for audience expansion and engagement to track our efforts and document progress on these metrics for organizational leadership and stakeholders.
    • Responsibly manage the organization’s marketing and communication budget.
  1. Serve as the organization’s publicist by promoting the developmental perspective in the mainstream political press to help put this way of thinking on the map:
    • Develop a media release strategy and protocol and procure media coverage for our activities and publications.
    • Identify adjacent and sympathetic media platforms and people, and develop customized pitches to attract their attention and engagement.
    • Build relationships with journalists and influencers in local and national politics and commentary, including new-media influencers.
    • Forge partnerships and mutual connections with other organizations in the various spaces that intersect our own.
  1. Help design and develop original content in multiple mediums that creatively advance the developmental perspective on politics and culture:
    • Help design, develop and execute the Institute’s upcoming public messaging campaign for “cultural intelligence.”
    • Expand the mediums through which we communicate our ideas, for example: Design and develop infographics that visually illustrate written content, develop audio versions of our articles, or transcribe video content into edited text.
    • Design, develop, and produce “sticky” video and graphical content that expresses our intellectual ideas in a more accessible way for use on social media.

Note regarding experience: The ideal candidate will have experience working in marketing/communications, publicity/promotion, and/or multi-media content creation. However, if an otherwise promising candidate has a proven track record of promotional success, but extensive experience in only one of these specific areas, we would be willing to train and develop them in the areas where they have less experience.

Desired Experience:

Demonstrated operational competence: Relevant business experience and skills:

  • Experience with social media/internet promotion and marketing. Specific experience promoting intellectual content and causes is preferred.
  • Experience working as a publicist. Specific experience publicizing intellectual content and causes is preferred.
  • Good writing skills are required, and experience writing press releases, ad copy, and promotional content is preferred.
  • Experience promoting conferences and intellectual events is desirable.
  • Experience designing, developing, and producing videos and graphical content is desirable.
  • Experience placing ads through Google, Facebook, and YouTube is desirable.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office is required, and proficiency in Adobe Creative Suite is preferred.
  • Experience using WordPress CMS is desirable.
  • Experience optimizing website SEO is desirable.
  • Candidates should have demonstrable accomplishments showing creativity in problem solving, ingenuity in getting results, and personal and professional dedication to a worthy cause.

Acquired philosophical competence: Knowledge of and enthusiasm for developmental culture and philosophy:

  • Candidates should be familiar with developmental ideas and have a strong interest in advancing the Institute’s developmental perspective as represented on the Institute’s two websites: and


Competitive salary commensurate with experience. Full time employees are reimbursed up to 10K per year for their families’ private medical and dental insurance. Virtual position. Employees must provide any and all computer hardware to work remotely, but the Institute will cover any specialized software costs required by the position. Must live in the continental U.S. and be available for occasional travel.

To Apply:

Send a cover letter and resume to We will be reviewing applications and conducting interviews on a rolling basis until we find the right candidate.