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    Indicate your level of agreement or disagreement with each of the following twelve statements.

  • 1.   Political positions that I disagree with do not deserve respect or civil engagement.

  • 2.   Some version of the polarity between left and right can be found in every human polity because each side has a piece of the truth.

  • 3.   America’s culture war will not be peacefully concluded by one side simply “winning.”

  • 4.   Conventional political centrism is no longer culturally viable.

  • 5.   Challenges to the political positions of those we oppose will be most effective when we show respect and acknowledge our basic relationship as fellow citizens.

  • 6.   Over the last hundred years human civilization has not achieved net progress overall, and it is not within our power to make meaningful progress going forward.

  • 7.   The divergent values among the competing factions of American culture are actually interdependent, like the various species in a symbiotic ecosystem.

  • 8.   A major cause of America’s hyperpolarized condition is the rapid cultural growth we have experienced over the last fifty years. Because we can’t return to the past, we need to keep growing to reach a higher level of social solidarity.

  • 9.   Contemporary progressive culture represents both an important moral advance and a threat to the best of what has come before.

  • 10.   Some of those who voted for Joe Biden are people of “good sense and good will.”

  • 11.   Some of those who voted for Donald Trump are people of “good sense and good will.”

  • 12.   Tension and disagreement between those primarily concerned with “fixing what’s wrong,” and those primarily concerned with “preserving what’s right” is a permanently recurring political condition.

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