Gary Sheng

Gary Sheng, Senior Fellow

Gary Sheng


Co-Founder and COO of Civics Unplugged

Gary Sheng is a NYC-based technologist and social entrepreneur dedicated to building tools, systems, and movements that empower people to 1) unplug from everything facilitating human downgrade, and 2) become agents of a better future.

Gary is the Chief Operating Officer of Civics Unplugged, a NYC-based social enterprise he co-founded whose mission is to empower leaders of Gen Z to build a brighter future for humanity. He was recently honored by Forbes 30 Under 30 for his work helping build CU. Before co-founding Civics Unplugged, Gary served as a Software Engineering Team Lead at Google, as well as co-director of Dancing Pineapple, a popular electronic music blog and live events company followed by hundreds of thousands of feel-good music lovers.

You can learn more about Gary and how to connect with him at