Writing Exercise to Help Depolarize Your Thinking—Socially Conservative Traditionalist

The Exercise: Using the questions below (from your Test Results page), write out a brief one or two sentence answer to each question. Please use a separate file or paper to write your answers.

When done, consider posting your answers (together with the corresponding questions) on ICE’s Facebook page or in the comments section of the Polarization Test’s first page.

Questions to Consider (from your Test Results page)

  1. How can we integrate the values of patriotism and piety with the value of being critical and dissatisfied with the status quo?
  2. What is the downside of excluding or negatively judging those who are different from us and do not hold our values?
  3. Despite the upside, what is the downside of America having the world’s largest military by far?
  4. How can we integrate the value of equity (a society that rewards our most productive) with the value of equality (a society that provides for the needy)?

The Principles Behind the Exercise:

As discussed in our Depolarization white paper, overcoming political polarization begins by recognizing that each pole needs the enduring values of its opposing pole for the full realization of its own position. Applied to politics, this principle shows how conservative values can serve to improve liberal positions by challenging and moderating such positions in a way that makes them stronger. The same can be said about the role of liberal values in strengthening conservative positions. Thus, no matter what your political position, you can help reduce polarization in America by working to depolarize your own thinking through this recommended exercise.

When you have completed this writing exercise, please consider doing the communication exercise, linked below. The communication exercise takes this process into the realm of activism.

        • Communication Exercise to Help Depolarize Your Thinking—Right Side

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